The Union Village Board was called to order at 7:05 pm for the regular session.  The Open Meeting Laws were displayed for public reference.  On roll call:  Hardbarger – Aye, Chipman – Aye, Vidlak – Aye, Keene – Late – arrived 7:06 and Brown - absent.

Minutes of the November Regular Board Meeting were reviewed. Chipman  motioned to approve the November 14, 2012 Regular Meeting Minutes.   2nd by Vidlak.  By Roll, Trustee votes are as follows:  Hardbarger– Aye, Chipman – Aye, Vidlak- Aye, Keene – Aye, and Brown absent.  Motion approved.

Claims and Accounts were presented.  Chipman motioned to approve November Claims and Accounts.  2nd by Vidlak.  By Roll, Trustee votes are as follows:  Hardbarger– Aye, Chipman – Aye, Vidlak- Aye, Keene - Aye and Brown absent.  Motion approved CLAIMS & ACCOUNTS DECEMBER 2012 NPPD           FIREBARN*  $       80.59

WATER PUMP  $     402.74

FIREBARN (TOWN BLDG)  $       34.39

TOWER  (WATER)  $       21.58

TRAFFIC LIGHT  $       21.58

AREA LIGHT RENTAL  $       12.98

STREETLIGHTS  $     623.21

SEWER PUMP  $       99.60

BALLFIELD  $       48.42

ALA HALL  $       37.92

WINDSTREAM  OFFICE  $       61.04

WINDSTREAM  FIRE  $       91.69

MELISSA HANSEN  $      849.15   NOV PAY

LOAN  $      264.68   RESCUE SQUAD

LOAN  $      618.44   STREET/SEWER 

STEVE HEYEN  $    1383.90  NOV PAY




NPHEL  $       14.00   WATER TESTS

DEQ  $      100.00  CERT EXEMPT 2013-2016


$   4,109.17       DECEMBER CLAIMS AND ACCOUNTS $ 97,424.94       GENERAL FUND BALANCE, AS OF December 11, 2012 $      923.20       UNDEPOSITED FUNDS Correspondence: Received letter from the Co-Director of the Nebraska Clerk Institute and Academy.  Village clerk has 99.5 education credit hours out of 120 hours needed for education hours to become certified.  This year’s institute will provide 33.75 credit hours for 4th year clerks.  The Institute will be held March 17-22, 2013 in Columbus, NE.  Tuition for this year is $393.00 and rooms are $65.00 per day.

CLERK REPORT:  USDA annual reports completed and accepted.  Audit waiver forms and financial statements completed and waiting for Board review.  DHHS and DEQ needs surveys due by the end of the year.  Talked to Olsson Associates and they can help us identify utility infrastructure needs.  We may want to apply for planning grants, usually 10% match, to look into the state of our water mains, wells and equipment and also to look into hooking up the two properties that are still on septic to our wastewater system.  Our One and Six Year Streets Hearing is scheduled for our February meeting.  An Olsson Rep. will meet with me early January to take a look at our streets.  We are in need of a maintenance plan that the Village can sustain.  With our Street Bonds being paid off in the next 3 years, it is time to look into projects that need to get done in the next six years, i.e. concrete streets in the circles, resurfacing, and asphalting 1st St. from A St. to B. St.

The Ball field project is almost completed.  The Keep Cass County Beautiful grant funds have all been spent.  The chain link fencing still needs some mending and the supplies are in; the bleachers and dugout benches still need to be spray painted and all will be completed when weather permits.

Village Maintenance Report: Heyen reported that he attended the waste water class.  A new motor was installed on the back-up pump.  Had a well contractor take a look at the East well with the plugged sand points.  In his opinion, the well is not worth cleaning out because it is so shallow.  It will be more cost- effective to dig a new well when needed. The village pumped 1,644,000 gallons of water in November, 47 hours on well 3 and 446 hours on well 1.  The lift station ran for 131 hours; approximately 4.4 hours each day.  Heyen installed 3 more meters. The well house sprung a leak and ruined the space heater.  Heyen will replace the heater tomorrow. Fire and Rescue: The department posted flyers for anyone needing smoke and/or Carbon monoxide detectors.  The department passes on to the community to be careful with space heaters and overloading circuits with Christmas lights.  They would rather prevent fires than put them out. Union United Inc. report was given by Paul Vidlak. The village sign installation is still being coordinated.  New Business:  Newly elected Village Trustees Bobby Brown, Heather Boardman and C.J. Seyler were sworn in and on roll call.

Vidlak motioned to nominate Dwain Hardbarger, Jr. as Chairman. 2nd by Seyler.  By Roll, Trustee votes are as follows:  Hardbarger– Aye, Boardman- Aye, Vidlak- Aye, Seyler – Aye, and Brown - Aye.  Motion approved.

Chairman Hardbarger appointed the following personnel to their respective positions: Clerk/Treasurer: Melissa Hansen Village Maintenance:  Steve Heyen Village Accountant:  Ric Ortmeier Village Attorney: Mindy Chipman Street Superintendent and Engineering firm:  Olsson and Associates Parks Commissioner:  Paul Vidlak Utilities Commissioner:  Heather Boardman Streets Commissioners:  Bobby Brown and C.J. Seyler

The board discussed a clothing allowance for Steve Heyen.  His job in winter warrants the village to purchase warm boots and coveralls for snow removal and outdoor responsibilities.  Vidlak motioned to approve Heyen’s clothing allowance in addition to $150.00 performance bonus to Heyen and Hansen.  2nd by Seyler.  By Roll, Trustee votes are as follows:  Hardbarger– Aye, Boardman- Aye, Vidlak- Aye, Seyler – Aye, and Brown - Aye.  Motion approved.

Chipman and Keene designated their trustee dues to be split between Heyen and Hansen and added to their performance bonus.

Vidlak motioned to adjourn at 7:43pm. 2nd by Boardman.  By Roll, Trustee votes are as follows:  Hardbarger– Aye, Boardman- Aye, Vidlak- Aye, Seyler – Aye, and Brown - Aye.  Motion approved.

The next regular meeting is scheduled for January 9, 2013, 7 pm at the ALA Hall.  The Meeting Notice and Agenda will be posted for the public at the Village Office, the Union Branch of the Nehawka Bank, and the Union Post Office.

Dwain Hardbarger, Jr. Chairman

These minutes have been prepared by the village clerk and are certified to be true and accurate.

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