APRIL 8, 2020
Chairman Seyler called the monthly meeting for March to order at 7:00pm at the Union Fire Hall. The Open Meeting Laws were displayed for public reference. Due to the Coronavirus outbreak, minimum attendance was requested and meeting was live on Facebook. On roll call: Seyler – Aye, Vidlak – Aye, Eaton – Absent for social distancing, Ruby – Absent for social distancing and Crook- Aye. Minutes of the March Regular Board Meeting were reviewed. Vidlak motioned to approve March11th Meeting Minutes. 2nd by Crook. By Roll, Trustee votes are as follows: Seyler – Aye, Vidlak – Aye, Eaton – Absent, Ruby – Absent and Crook- Aye. Motion approved. Claims and Accounts were presented. Vidlak motioned to approve April Claims and Accounts. 2nd by Crook. By Roll, Trustee votes are as follows: Seyler – Aye, Vidlak – Aye, Eaton – Absent, Ruby – Absent and Crook- Aye. Motion approved. APRIL 2020 CLAIMS AND ACCOUNTS WATER PUMP $ 464.57 (EFT) WATER FUND FIREBARN (TOWN BLDG) $ 67.22 (EFT) FIRE FUND TOWER (WATER) $ 115.77 (EFT) WATER FUND AREA LIGHT RENTAL $ 13.04 (EFT) GENERAL FUND STREETLIGHTS $ 550.06 (EFT) STREET FUND LIFT STATION $ 111.36 (EFT) SEWER FUND BALLFIELD $ 85.26 (EFT) PARK FUND MAINTENANCE SHOP $ 34.21 (EFT) GENERAL FUND CABOOSE $ 34.21 (EFT) GENERAL FUND WINDSTREAM OFFICE $ 75.90 (EFT) GENERAL FUND JOHNSONS $ 308.11 GAS STEVE TRUCK/MOWER (CHECK- C) GENERAL FUND NE DEPT OF REVENUE $ 275.37 SALES TAXES (EFT) GENERAL FUND USPS $ 55.00 FOREVER STAMPS (C) GENERAL FUNDS GRAINGER $ 147.34 SPRAYER AND MONTANA PARTS (D) GENERAL FUND ONE CALL CONCEPTS $ 4.38 DIGGERS HOTLINE (D) GENERAL FUND OLSSON $ 108.10 WATER ISSUE CONSULT (C) WATER FUND US TREASURY $ 2307.50 WITHHOLDING TAXES Q1 2020 (C) GENERAL FUND NE DEPT OF REVENUE $ 449.45 WITHHOLDING TAXES Q1 2020 (EFT) GENERAL FUND INTUIT $ 749.95 QUICKBOOKS AND PAYROLL SUBSCRIPTION (EFT) GENERAL FUND B&S TRUCKING $ 375.00 EXCAVATION WATER LINE (C) GENERAL FUND UTILITY SVC CO $ 2585.71 QUARTERLY WATER TOWER MAINT CONTRACT (C) WATER FUND AMAZON $ 20.02 SERIAL CABLE FOR HANDHELD (D) WATER/SEWER FUND NPHEL $ 30.75 COLIFORM TESTS (D) WATER FUND FRONTIER $ 64.30 3/18 PROPANE FILL MINUS PREPAID BALANCE (EFT) GENERAL FUND MELISSA HANSEN $ 1437.33 MAR PAY(C) WATER, SEWER, GENERAL FUNDS STEVE HEYEN $ 1725.64 MAR PAY(C) WATER,SEWER, GENERAL FUNDS SORENSEN’S TREE & $ 151.00 TREE FERTILIZATION PARK FUND LINCOLN JOURNAL STAR $ 40.14 MINUTES PUBLISHING GENERAL FUND INTUIT $ 5.78 MONTHLY PAYROLL FEE (EFT) GENERAL FUND $ 13,392.47 APRIL CLAIMS AND ACCOUNTS $ 147,795.74 FUND BALANCES AS OF APRIL 8, 2020 $ 900.87 PENDING DEPOSITS $ 32,195.80 SEWER RESERVE ACCOUNT $ 167,499.94 TOTAL IN VILLAGE ACCOUNTS AFTER CLAIMS & ACCOUNTS PAID CORRESPONDENCE- Nothing to Report CLERK REPORT – The clerk briefed the Board that the meter reading equipment has failed and utility bills have not been sent out yet. She received a quote of $5,000 to upgrade meter reading system, installation and training. Village Maintenance Report: Steve Heyen emailed his report. The well pumps ran for 555 hours, pumping 1,739,000 gallons of water. Lift station ran for approximately 213 hours, pumping 2,556,000 gallons of wastewater. Heyen needs weed chemicals for the ballpark and parks and a battery for the Montana. Mower is up and running and sprayer is ready for chemical application. Fire Report- Nothing to Report. Union United Inc. Report: Spring Clean Up is cancelled and due to be rescheduled in the Fall. NEW BUSINESS: No New Business Vidlak motioned to adjourn at 7:12 pm. 2nd by Crook. By Roll, Trustee votes are as follows: Seyler – Aye, Vidlak – Aye, Eaton – Absent, Ruby – Absent and Crook- Aye. Motioned approved. The next regular meeting is scheduled for May 13, 2020 at 7 pm at the Union Fire Hall. The Meeting Notice and Agenda will be posted for the public at the Village Office, the Union Junktion, and the Union Post Office. Charles J. Seyler II Chairman These minutes have been prepared by the village clerk and are certified to be true and accurate

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